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North Korea land test inter continental ballistic missile on US land (Alaska).
Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier challenged during sea trials by Russian fighter jets on low pass over.
Boko Haram IED factory destroyed by British special forces, 16 insurgents killed.
President Putin continues build up of tanks and heavy artillery on the Kazakhstan border.
Spanish frigate enters Gibraltar waters in show of defiance, escorted out by Royal Navy.
Crashed US MV-22 Osprey located with crew presumed dead. Cause Unknown.
Turkey coup gains momentum allowing Islamic State fighters to enter the country unchallenged.
South African Government building terror attack likely the work of IS cell.
British tourist shot dead in Kenya. Indications are that he resisted terror gang kidnapping attempt.
24 killed in Nigerian church gun battles with rebels and terrorist gangs.

Fallen angel the book by Major Ken hames mbe and keith turnbull Buy Here

Storyline Summary

Fallen angel is full of action, high-stakes races against time, and large, silver-screen style set-pieces.

"Project Seal" declassified in 1999. A real life deniable tectonic tsunami weapon. 'It exists today'.

The authors are currently in early discussions with a number of global film companies.

Meet Tom Selkirk, a British special forces commander elevated beyond such simple status. Selkirk specialises in leading ultra-secret international operations. Acquiring units of 'the best of the best' from allied militaries, his ad hoc units are lethal, sneaky but highly effective. Abandoned and left for dead on his last mission he left the service only to be brought back by his sense of loyalty and patriotism.

A researcher named Isabelle on the world’s most isolated island, in the Southern Ocean, is about to have a really hard time. Out there for a three-month stint with a colleague doing meteorite research, they don’t know about the nuclear weapon on the seafloor below them. Chosen for its spot on three converging tectonic plates, unknown baddies have selected the location as a test for their new designer weapon. When the bomb goes off, a huge tidal wave surges upwards, obliterating the island. Luckily, Isabelle gets out on an emergency life pod, but is left for days, unconscious and drifting.

The plot cleverly moves between locations as the team, following leads and investigating incidents, search for devices and Russian Spetsnaz operators.

Using a vast network of under-ocean tunnels formed by tectonic plate movement trapping air inside, the Russians have planted a second nuclear bomb under the Adriatic Sea. Venice and Santorini are both end point access to the underground trench. The Russians want to use the bomb to disrupt and destroy the G20 summit in Venice, thereby weakening world finance and giving themselves room to advance into it as well as land grab in Eastern Europe unchallenged as the West would likely focus upon more economic concerns.

It appears that Selkirk’s old enemy, Falco, is leading the Russian project to nuke (or tidal wave), Venice and the G20, off the map. Under the ocean floor, Selkirk’s team find the bomb but during the fire fight with the Russian Spetsnaz, both sides suffer more casualties.

Having managed this threat, they have to move quickly out and up onto the surface to complete the task. It seems the Russians had planned for such eventualities and initiated their final destructive turn of the card.

Fallen Angel is fresh and exciting, original without struggling to be. It is evident that there’s a lot of technical and military expertise brought to the table. Real operational matters have been adapted to fit. You can feel that at the core of the work, it combines a tight plot and great characters to provide something unique and highly readable in book and watchable in film.

The storyline and research has taken over two years to formulate and write in a manner that hides the truth but allows the reader to believe in what is on the page. Together, Keith and Ken have hinted at real life career experiences without giving away any operational specifics.

Meet The Characters

Picture of Selkirk


Picture of Selkirk


Team Commander. Twenty eight years in the military most as Special Forces. Mainly Special Air Service but seconded to SBS for two years to fill temporary skill shortage. One of a kind. Scottish. Selkirk’s been on more clandestine and deniable operations than the rest of the team put together.

It has taken its toll on him but he is still the strong at heart. He is the best weapons handler the others have ever seen and also a master at hand to hand combat in any situation. Counter terrorist expert and master of covert operations, Selkirk is first choice for any operation whether mountain, desert, polar or jungle. Decorated three times he is rarely seen in uniform. He cares deeply for those in his command but can also be ruthless towards them when the situation requires. Selkirk gave up trusting his superiors a long time ago.

This once fallen angel was asked to come back out of retirement. The loyalty to his country and sense of duty was too big a pull for him to resist.



Scottish, reaching retirement. Forty plus years in the Royal Navy. Worked his way up from submariner on the decaying Swiftsure and Trafalgar class hunter killer submarines, to now being a trusted advisor to the Prime Minister.

Admired and respected at the highest levels of Whitehall this former friend of Selkirk is a devout Patriot. His hardest mission now is to try to regain the trust of Selkirk after the incident in the Bering Straits where he abandoned his friend, the then Captain Selkirk, due to operation requirements. An action he regrets today but would do again if the wider strategic picture required it. A formidable politician at heart the admiral can handle his superiors with ease.



Israeli. The first woman to graduate out of Shaldag, once an all-male Special Forces unit, whose sole remit is to protect Israel. Specialist sniper team Commander. Master practitioner of hand to hand combat Krav Maga. Three dozen confirmed kills to date. Engineering degree and studying for physics masters during postings. Linguist. Stunning looks and full body tattoos, distract from a committed “do what it takes” attitude to achieve mission success. Numerous covert operations with some others in the team especially Dekker. Former lover of Harrison. A ‘maverick’ sometimes where her heart can rule her head but the absolute first choice when it comes to a ‘lethal’ weapon.


Thirty plus years in the US Navy Seals. A ‘go to’ man for all under water operations, demolition and survival techniques. Toured with Selkirk on numerous occasions and have saved each other’s lives on many occasions. Brash, overly confident and slightly disparaging of British Special Forces. Dekker is loyal and trust worthy even if he is ‘shoot first’ and worry about the implications later. His joking attitude and arrogance hides the soul of a fierce warrior.


Also a graduate out of Israel’s Shaldag academy Neeman loved fighting and shooting from the off. Impatient to get into the action he often has to be reigned back by Selkirk. An excellent sniper and camouflage expert, Neeman has completed more operational parachute jumps than most of the others as part of Israel’s’ quick reaction task force. You will often find Neeman and Anniken talking privately in Hebrew to the annoyance of Dekker whom they would often wind up.



Born in Namibia to South African parents, De Boer was raised in Cape Town but as a teenager rebelled against education and to keep him out of jail, his father threw him into military service. He excelled at this and within three years had passed selection into the Joint Operations Force and quickly promoted to the ‘Recces’ specialising in counter terrorism, hostage rescue and high value target acquisition. A tough operator De Boer takes ‘no prisoners’ and will be at the front of any fight. He excels in every military skill there is, even as an expert bush man and tracker and is typically the last person any of the others would pick a fight with. On operation, De Boer is least likely to talk or converse but the quiet man of the team, he will simply carry out the action(s) required.



The only team member not to serve directly in any Special Forces unit but instead came into Selkirk’s team via the British security services Mi6. Harrison excelled at covert intelligence and reconnaissance and had a passion for learning about new weaponry from around the world and innovative new methods of using existing equipment. Methodical thinker and a counter balance on numerous occasions to Kirk and Dekker who would drive forward and attack, Harrison is happy to play the long game. The go to team member for unconventional warfare, psychological operations and close protection.



Trained under Selkirk in the Parachute Regiment (1 Para) before joining the Special Air Service at the young age twenty three. Numerous tours with Kirk and Harrison before leaving for a spell as a private contractor and the cash rewards this brought. Has strong relationships with the British secret service and has been “employed” by them as an assassin when required. Selkirk recruited him back into his team for his reasoned, technical and direct ability to get any job and any order executed with ruthless precision. Selkirk’s informal advisor and mentor when a second opinion is needed.



Peterson spent a short while recovering from family bereavement in the only way this warrior knows. He joined the French Foreign Legion and became a beast of a soldier. His early military years contrasted hugely from his formative years educated at Eaton. The others trust him complicity, but will not cross him. A specialist in knife work, CQB, and most hand to hand combat methods. He remains the quiet and sometimes ‘outsider’ of the team but at the same time Peterson will fulfil an order with ruthless efficiency.


Started as a Royal Marine but went into the SAS with Biddiss before becoming disillusioned at not being posted on operation. Re skilled into the Special Boat Service and saw action all over the world. Specialist in all amphibious weapons and transport systems. Spent time in Hedley Court recovering from wounds before returning to action and Selkirk’s team. Has the ability to analyse orders, quickly understand the wider picture and longer term objectives and successfully influence the rest of the team to achieve the mission. Challenges Selkirk when he feels he needs to but has the highest respect for his team leader.



Lamberti came into Selkirk’s fold through the back door. An ordinary soldier in the Italian infantry he was being held back by his commanding officer. He caught Selkirk’s eye during a joint night operation with his leadership and bravery and was taken out of his unit and retrained in the ways of the covert operator. He has the loud confident and flirty character associated with Italians but remains a brave and upfront warrior. Like Anniken, Lamberti has proven valuable on numerous operations being able to speak several languages and so lead the task of winning hearts and minds of locals across many continents.


Keith Turnbull

Keith has enjoyed a diverse career to date. Graduating from Glasgow University with a Master’s degree in Politics, he first went into the world of finance. From there he moved into defence sales quickly rising to senior managerial and director positions. At one stage he commanded a European wide defence sector sales team and would travel daily to one European country after another. This first ‘spell’ in the defence sector, quickly pulled him in for good.

He speedily learned about the secretive side of commercial defence related products and services and his next move into working as a security cleared contractor for the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall was an obvious move. Within this role, Keith would spend much of his time in or around military establishments for all three arms of the Service both in the UK and with European allies, working also with high ranking officers and having his first hands on experience of British special forces operations.

From the MoD he moved to a classified position (Top Secret) within the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London. This secretive role brought him in touch with a huge array of other law enforcement and security intelligence service personnel. Today he continues to work periodically in this environment.

Major Ken Hames MBE

Ken has had a fascinating life. From humble beginnings as a boy working on his grandfather’s hill farm, he eventually rose to the rank of Major in the SAS, commanding Britain’s Anti-Terrorist Unit. He is one of the very few British officers to have worn the red beret of the Parachute Brigade, the green beret of the Royal Marines and the sand beret of the Special Air Service.

More recently, he gained an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration, from Bristol University for his work in developing outstanding leaders and high performing teams in diverse business environments. In Ken’s words he has been ‘very lucky’, but he had to work extremely hard in order to make the grade in the world’s most highly selective military unit. Having left the military to join, as he puts it, ‘the more dangerous world of civilian life’ he had to make a massive re-adjustment to working in the complex and often unforgiving world of television and business development.

Ken has made 16 documentaries to date and was recently awarded the MBE for his charitable work with people with disability and homeless and disadvantaged ex-service men and women.

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